Your Peeps

Your business might be consulting, it might be fashion design, it might be selling canned cat food, writing erotic novels or design (like me!).

For this new article series “Your Peeps” it doesn’t matter what you do, because all business at their core do something. They help people.

You might help people find the right job, or to feel confident in what they are wearing, or feed their pets, or release their inner fantasy or market their business. All very different things, but ultimately all about helping people.

Not this kind of peep


This is what this series is going to be about. It will be about your peeps, (your people not those weird yellow marshmallow chickens). We will talk about identifying them and serving them and helping them (from a design and marketing perspective) over the course of a few articles. It will be fun! We will dive into social media, web design, persona creation, copywriting and content creation and SO MUCH MORE! So follow along for a good time. it will probably reinforce and remind you of stuff you already knew and heck, you may even learn a thing or two.