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PROCESS & APPROACH: I AM YOUR TEAM (Independent Organizations)

Independent businesses, organizations and solopreneurs: we are your brand design team! Whether creating multi-layered campaigns for a large e-commerce site or devising a brand identity for a solopreneur, Q&A Creative will embark on a collaborative process of discovery with your team. We live up to our name: we ask pointed questions to root out key brand elements and craft an identity for the project—an identity that opens the door to connection and shapes every brand interaction. It’s an exciting and inspiring process that results in creative solutions and beautiful design. No matter how challenging the project.


Q&A Creative seamlessly integrates into agency teams. Our consultants have worked the agency trenches for many years: we understand the processes and what it takes to deliver. We fill the gaps in agency expertise, providing that mythical consulting edge that rockets a project into the stratosphere. More good news? We don’t gloat.

We work in all kinds of mediums and partner with talented people to bring the right team to the job. We can help craft your brand from the ground up, take your packaging to the next level, build a unique online experience for your brand or add a special flair to your brand with custom illustration.