Client: THIS
Services: Identity Design

Restoring harmony through arts and culture.

T.H.I.S. Bridges the gap within the Tsawwassen community to promote diversity and inclusion by placing a positive value on our differences and what makes us unique. As a new charity they needed a brand that would get attention, promote their message of harmony and inclusion and be modern and hip enough to carry the brand into events festivals for the arts and culture.

Identity Design
Art Direction

The Solution

For T.H.I.S a bold graphic logo was created using basic geometric shapes coming together to create the letterforms. The bright bold colours reflect Tsawwassen’s reputation as sunny Tsawwassen and play with the variation of shapes to symbolize, harmony and diversity. The logo also sets the stage for the larger brand environment with pieces that can be broken apart, rearranged and used as image frames. This allows for a playfulness that reflects the spirit of the brand and a flexibility for various applications and facets of the brand.