St. Bernadine


I was honoured to be able to redesign the identity of award winning design and advertising agency St Bernadine Mission Communications, where I worked for several years. Their iconic logo was kept and 4 patterns relating to the iconography of the saint were made to create a beautiful and versatile system for St Bernadine.

The stationery won a Lotus Merit award, a Neenha Paper gold award for Best stationery, a Unisource award for best brand identity, and has been featured on Lovely Stationery, How Design Magazine and many other design Blogs.

The Website won an award from Applied Arts magazine for digital design.

StB-stationery2StB-stationery31 StB-stationery71StB-stationery512StB-stationery6StB-stationery51-2 StB-buddahStB-buddah-2StB-buddah-21

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