On Our Moon

Client: On Our Moon
Website: onourmoon.com
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Illustration, Web Design

On Our Moon is a “digital tent,” a website created to share stories and wisdom spanning the full spectrum of human experience.

Identity Design
Art Direction
Web Design

The Challenge

On Our Moon was a new web entity in need of a logo and brand identity. While the core audience is female, inclusivity is the mantra. So, the logo needed to convey simplicity and clarity while appealing to the primarily female audience—without being overtly feminine.

The Approach

Q. How do we symbolize the digital tent?
A. With simplicity, clarity, and a mix of hard and soft.

Crafting the logomark of a tent under the moon was a natural fit for On Our Moon. It’s simple form conveyed the tent as a safe space to be vulnerable in an immediate and clear way.

Finding the perfect typography to complement the mark took more exploration. Ultimately, we landed on a customized wordmark that, at first glance, is quite straightforward, but upon closer examination reveals a softness and uniqueness in the seemingly random curved edges.

We continued building on the brand elements after the On our Moon site launched, creating custom illustration, icons and the design of their signature candle packaging.



The digital tent.

Working as design consultants and art directors, we assisted the On Our Moon web team in bringing the brand to life online, creating of a unique icon set and establishing the style for key elements of the site.

We also produced photo-collage style spot articles to accompany specific newsletters and articles.