Noel Asmar

Client: Noel Asmar
Services: Design & Art Directions

The Noel Asmar brand is a fashion powerhouse spanning 3 separate industries (fashion, equestrian and uniforms) under one brand umbrella. I was tasked as creative lead to develop campaigns and seasonal lookbooks with all 3 brands in collaboration with their in house team and photographer Candace Meyer.

Art Direction – For campaign
Art Direction – For E-commerce
Creative Strategy
Design & Layout
Shoot Production

Candace Meyer  – Photography
Noel Asmar in-house team – Design


Noel Asmar Fashion brings the same technical quality of their equestrian line to a fashion collection that is made to move. The campaign was centred around this idea, timeless. versatile pieces that move with you throughout the day. This concept was brought to life through photography featuring bikes, the urban landscape and some adorable mini ponies as a reference to the lines equestrian roots.

Noel Asmar uniforms for spa and hospitality are crafted with care and style. They bring true artistry to uniform design. A bold graphic treatment using paint accented that artistry and craft. Dance-like movement highlight how comfortable these pieces are.

The equestrian campaign was all about connection. Connection between a rider and her horse, and that sense of freedom one gets by the equestrian lifestyle in and out of the ring.