Client: Kidpacity
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Illustration, Web Design

Kidpacity is on a mission to help families through their tougher times by making advice and strategies with an art therapy approach accessible. As a new start up, just launching they needed a brand identity and a website to get them off the ground.

Identity Design
Art Direction

Nathan Atnikov – copy & strategy

The Challenge

While Kidpacity’s product if child focused, the customer is the parent, purchasing the product often during a trying time in their parenting journey. Thus the product had to appeal to both kids and adults. They also needed an e-commerce site to get them going with a small start up budget.

The Approach

We explored several paths for logo design centred around the idea of overcoming challenges, from mountain peaks to building block to ships, but we ended up settling on imagery suggested by the Kidpacity founders themselves of the Lion. The lion represents the cowardly Lion from wizard of OZ and is also a symbol of strength.

Once we settles on a lion as the logo direction a broad stylistic exploration was done, to try to get to that sweet spot where the imagery would be somewhat childlike, but still refined enough for an adult product that is tackling very real problem. The typography is clean and simple, in an approachable all lowercase sans serif with wide open letter shapes and subtle quirks to complement the illustration style.

This was then fleshed out to be a complete illustration style with additional “characters” being developed to give assets to help build upon the brand story.

When receiving the Kidpacity kits in the mail, it was important that the experience be exciting. A wrap around illustration was developed to make for a stunning box that would be a pleasure to receive, so the parent and child colour look forward to opening it together. This same illustration style was applied to the booklet included in every box, to help walk the parent through the activities included within.


E-commerce that cares.

With a limited budget and a tight timeline to launch, we chose as the best solution to get Kidpacity off the ground a template wordpress woo commerce site. A custom edited homepage video help to bring a sense of polish and emotional appeal to the site and the use of the custom kidpacity illustrations throughout create a fully branded experience.

The flow of the site was carefully designed to help guide parents through the experience and we worked closely with copywriter Nathan Atnikov to make sure that the brand messaging and overall site design on point and really working together.