Biodiversity Days

Client: UBC Botanical Garden
Services: Art Direction, Illustration, Design

UBC’s Botanical garden was launching it’s first ever Biodiversity Days festival. This was a festival with multiple components, academic presentations, community engagement and a family oriented event in the garden. They needed a brand that could work for an adult as well as kid-friendly audience.

Identity Design
Art Direction

The Challenge

To tackle the challenge of creating a brand that was refined enough for academic purposes and playful enough for a kids events we centred the brand around a stylish, but playful illustration that captures the biodiversity of the UBC botanical gardens. The colour pallet is bright but mature. A master logo for the biodiversity days and sub logo for the family event work seamlessly together as well.


Brand + Sub Brand
Presentation Templates
Travelogue Brochure
Tote bag
Wayfinding Signage
Water Bottles