This is our central project hub where you can asses all of the assets as the project progresses.



Logo finals

Brand Guidelines


Template options

This is the same e-commerce platform I use for my brand It’s pretty flexible and has an attractive blog portion

Mr Tailor

This is pretty flexible and more of a magazine layout style. Best if you are going to have frequently updated content. Also has ecommerce

This one is nice and clean and has a built in space for banner ads if that is something you want to add.
E commerce and good blogging format.

Another good magazine/shopping combo


Social media

For social media I think instagram would be a great place to start and focus on.
I would recommend 3 posts a week.

Hashtags to use could be #borncolorado #bornincolorado #colorado

Here are your first 6 posts. Don’t feel like you have to use these. These are just suggestions to get going.

Week 1

Week 2

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